About us

 We are highly skilled and pioneering Sudanese professionals striving to move healthcare services and provisions in their home country to avenues matching and surpassing those of the best in the world!


Al Tababa Administrative 

Al Tababa Team Members


Vision, Mission, Core Values




To achieve the status of an affordable, high reliability and unmatched health care service leader and provider with highly empowered and satisfied patients served by resourceful, highly-skilled healthcare providers.




To achieve our vision through the integration of evidence-based health principles, teamwork, innovation and patient and healthcare worker robust education and empowerment.


   Core Values

Ethical, leadership, innovation, reliability, team work, customer and employee satisfaction.


Al Tababa Group Services and Departments 

  • Evidence Based Clinic  – to promote the establishment of Top-level, specialized, problem-focused

  • Al Tababa Advanced Medical Training – train doctor, hospital staff, protocols, earning CME credit

  • Patient Educational Material – educate patients about their health and increase awareness 

  • Al Tababa Charity Fund – to support patient with medical support 

  • Sudanese Expatriates Database – Empowering people to be their own agents of change