Evidence-Based Clinics

Al-Tababa Evidence-Based Asthma Clinic Care Pathway 

Al Tababa aims to promote the establishment of Top-level, specialized, problem-focused, Evidence-Based clinics served by highly-trained healthcare personnel throughout Sudan.
Below is a proto-type clinic package for Bronchial Asthma depicting its clinical care path and guiding protocols and forms.


First Encounter Package: First Encounter Assessment: H&P, ACT Score, Investigations (Chest X-ray, CBC/Eosinophil Count/ESR), PFT/Spirometry, Self-Management Plan ± Peak Flow Meter, Partnership Agreement. Educational Material: Asthma: Asthma Quiz, Videos, Paper Print Material, Asthma Educator (Inhaler Devices), Websites


Follow-up Form
ACT Score
1. First Encounter Asthma Assessment Form
2. ACT Score Form
3. Investigation Requests Form
4. Spirometry Request Form
5. Self-Management Plan Form
6. Partnership Agreement Form
7. Prescription Form
8. Asthma Quiz Forms
9. Follow-up Form
10. Failure of Asthma Control Checklist
11. Educational Material: Written +/- CD
12. Referral Form