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Our videos are created with animation to make it simple for learning, it contains different types of subjects like EBM (Evidence Base Medicine) and Tools to practice EBM.


Welcome to this brief video about Al Tababa

Clinical Governance By Dr. Mubarak Abdalla MD, Consultant Nephrologist

Managing Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, By. Dr. Khadega Abuelgasim, MD, Senior Consultant Hematologist


The Beast in Critical Care, the Ins and Outs” By Dr. Hala Abuzeid, Consultant Intensivist

Needs and Plans for Emergency Care System Improvement in Sudan by Professor Lee A. Wallis

A Covid-19 Clinical Case: Lessons & Current Management Strategies. Dr. Imad Hassan MD

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma: Front Line Therapy by Dr. Khadega A. Abuelgasim MD


Leadership Approaches-Part 1: How to Read the Status Quo by Dr. Abdullah Al Ghamdi MD

Leadership Approaches-Part 2: Building Momentum and Moving Forward by Dr. Abdullah Al Ghamdi MD

Leadership Approaches-Part 3: Reaching the Summit-The Final Destination by Dr. Abdullah Al Ghamdi MD

Expert Management in Acute Medical Care By DR. Imad Hassan MD (UK)

Safety in Healthcare by DR. Imad Hassan

Systems Thinking by DR. Imad Hassan MD


Systems Thinking for Topnotch and Exceptional Leaders by DR. Imad Salah Ahmed Hassan MD (UK), FACP

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Sudan

Basic Medication Safety By Dr. Sabah Alrasheed Alhaj

Disclosure of Medical Error By Dr. Mohammed Al Fatih Ahmed Yousif

Overview of Critical Appraisal By Dr. Nosyba Hasab Alnabi Rahma

Knowledge Translation in Healthcare Systems By Dr. Amna Khairy

Dr. Mukhtar M. Saleh Overview of EBM

Dr. Asma MohammedShariff on Clinical Audit

Dr Tasabeeh Mohammed on Medication Safety

Could this be Sepsis by Dr. Ghada Hammour, Consultant Physician, UK.

DR. Abdel Magid A Mukhtar DM & Cardiovascular Risk Managemen

Dr Khalid B Ghalib Behind the Numbers: Basic Statistical Concepts

Introduction to Critical Appraisal by Dr Roa Irabi 2020

Professor Salah Moghraby on Covid-19 & Pregnancy


Biostatistics for Physicians

Covid-19 Clinical & Therapeutic Update

Dr Mustafa Hashim Infection Control Policies in Resources Poor Settings

بروفسير محمد المعتصم بلغة مبسطة: معلومات هامة للوقاية من فيروس

Prof Moh Al Mutasim on the Radiology of the Corona Virus

Al-Tababa Group Advocacy for Healthcare Services Transformation in Sudan

Transformational Leadership Cognitive Mastery


Transformational Leadership Personal and Behavioral Mastery


Systems Thinking


Systems Thinking: Archetypes


Al Tababa Training: Transformational Leadership



Mastering Patient Communication-Breaking Bad News

Process Change Skills 


Tababa Rules for Healthcare Transformation 

Service Improvement, The Steps

The Mind of a Master Clinician-Pillars of Excellence in Clinical Practice T

Strategies to Initiate  and Promote Research T1

RCT Strategy T1


Cognitive Schemes 


Al Tababa Training Center


Diagnostic Schemes


The Mind of a Master Clinician 

Competency-based Medical Education Basic concepts and success factors for building your curriculum



Competency Structured Care Inputs

A Tool to guide Transformation Leaders in the Process of Knowledge Translation-implementing Evidence-based Practice

A PPT Template for running a journal club on an article on Diagnosis

A PPT Template for running a journal club on an article on Prognosis

A PPT Template for running a journal club on an article on Therapy

A PPT Template for running a journal club on an article on Systematic Review


Expanded PICO for advanced EBM Searching

Refractory to Therapy-A scheme based approach

Literature Search Exercise-for Evidence-based practice

A hyperlinked page for quick access to evidence-based resources

Knowledge Translation: Practical Strategies for Success

Incorporating EBM in Residency Training


Journal Club-How to do it?

Experts decision making schemes


Evidence Base Primer (Be a Master Mind)


Mastering Clinical Communication T1


Mastering Patient Communication

Enriching your Journal Club Presentation T1


Al Tababa Patient Safety Introduction T1


AL-Tababa Executive Presence T1


Home Made Asthma Spacer


Passing the Long Case

Healthcare Improvement


Competency Structured Care Inputs  


Evidence Base Medicine, Internal Medicine Clerkship 


General information About EBM

Literature Searching

EBM Clinical Questions (PICO- Real life Scenario)


EBM Clinical Questions (PICO)


EBM Clinical Questions 5 A’s


The Journal Club



What is EBM ?



Dr. Emad Explains EBM

This this is talking about EBM description in Arabic and it’s relation with our life and how to practice and why ?

Paradigm Shifts in Modern Healthcare Systems

Asthma and the Corona Virus

Value based Healthcare Systems

Strategies to fix Healthcare Systems V1

Strategies to Fix Healthcare Systems N1

COVID-19 TOT Crash Course to Crush the Curve

Secrets of Experts in Clinical Decision Making

Clinical Audit Course at Ribat University Hospital

Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) at Ribat University Hospital

Systems Thinking for Sudan Transformation Workshop

Evidence Based Clinical Practice Workshop

Mortality and Morbidity Conference Workshop

Transitions in Healthcare-Handovers Workshop

Disclosing Medical Errors Workshop

The Sepsis and Infection Control Workshop