Al Tababa Advanced Training Center

Al Tababa Advanced Training Center

Al Tababa Advanced Training Center


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Bronchial Asthma 19 July 2018



Evidence-Based Medicine Update and Practice Study on COPD 14 July 2018

Hand by Hand Experience – Research Made Easy 9-14 July 2018


World Asthma Day  – Asthma Workshop 13 May 2018



Research Made Easy (Hand by Hand experience) 6 May 18


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery EBCP Workshop 26 April 18

 Evidence Based Clinical 28 Mar 18

Al Tababa Problem-Based Training Evidence Based Hypertension 26 Feb 18

Orientation Workshop in Clinical Training 21 Feb 18

Communication Skills 15 Feb 18

EBM Workshop 02 Feb 18

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Course 10 Jan 18

Heart Failure Training Course for Nurses 21-23 Dec 17

Empowerment Workshop BRONCHIAL ASTHMA 27 Jan 18


Basic EMB Course 30 Nov 17


Knowledge Into Practice Day 25 Nov 17

Evidence Based Update and Practice Study Day on (COPD) Care – Sponsored by Novartis 23 Nov 17

Advanced EBM Skills in Literature Evaluation and Decision Making 20 Nov 17

Al Tababa Empowerment Workshop 14 Oct 17




Clinical Governance


Diabetes Mellitus Care



Basic Medication Safety Course





Heart Failure Training Course



Basic Medication Safety Course







Nephrology Workshop


February 2017 Program