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Our videos are created with animation to make it simple for learning, it contains different types of subjects like EBM (Evidence Base Medicine) and Tools to practice EBM.


Healthcare Improvement

Competency Structured Care Inputs  

Passing the Long Medical Case 

Evidence Base Medicine, Internal Medicine Clerkship 

General information About EBM

Literature Searching


EBM Clinical Questions (PICO- Real life Scenario)

EBM Clinical Questions (PICO)

EBM Clinical Questions 5 A’s

The Journal Club

This videos is talking about the Journal Club. it’s a focus group that meet discuss a specific problem, issue, solution, etc.

What is EBM ?

This is an animated video that explains EBM – Evidence Base Medicine


Dr. Emad Explains EBM

This this is talking about EBM description in Arabic and it’s relation with our life and how to practice and why ?